A recent article in the Bangkok post presents the opinion of Kobkiat Kasiwiwat, director-general of the Thai Corrections Department, on the improving living conditions of Thailand’s prisons. Over the years Thailand has attracted negative attention regarding substandard living conditions for prisoners.

Prisoners Abroad has received feedback from people we have helped whilst incarcerated in Thailand attesting to their belief that our help made the difference between life and death during their time in prison:

Without you and your… medicines, vitamins, money and cards I wouldn’t be here today for sure – PC

PA made the difference between life and death… I have lost 31 kilos being in prison­­­ – AN

The necessity of reform initiatives could not be shown better than by this illustration of people’s suffering without them.

One initiative mentioned is the improved educational system being offered. In the interview Mr Kobkiat states that classes are now available in many of Thailand’s prisons, aimed at a variety of interests and strengths: cooking, painting, traditional Thai arts, yoga, hairdressing, farming, and boxing.

An additional note in the article regarding Thailand’s prison conditions claims they are rising to meet the United Nations Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and the Non-Custodial Measures for Women Offenders. Women face unique challenges in prison, for example the need for sanitary items or issues with maintaining dignity. This illustrates the importance of Thailand meeting these regulations.

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