Thank you for joining Prisoners Abroad. Together we can continue making no judgement on guilt or innocence, and helping people who have been sentenced and those awaiting trial – because everyone should have their human rights respected.

Humanitarian Support for Prisoners

Each year we help 1,700 British citizens imprisoned overseas. Many of these people do not have access to clean water, food, medicine or basic essentials like bedding – they have almost nothing. Many are isolated and alone which can have a severe impact on mental health. Your donation means we can provide survival grants for people to buy clean water and vitamins to supplement meagre diets. Disease is rife in prisons so we can offer vital medical support when people become unwell. Your support helps people survive their sentences overseas.

Family Support

At the moment there are over 2,000 relatives or loved ones of people detained overseas who need our support. Imprisonment of a loved one can be extremely frightening and isolating; those left behind often find themselves facing stigma and trauma. Your support means we can run regular family support groups and host family information days so that people can share their experiences in a non-judgemental environment. Our caseworkers spend hours on the phone talking to distressed family members and we have an online network people can use anonymously to talk about their situations.

Resettlement Service

Many people return to the UK after a prison sentence with just the clothes on their back and nowhere to go. They often arrive at our offices straight from the airport in desperate need of help and advice. Your support means that our resettlement service can help people get back on their feet. The support covers everything needed to reintegrate into society; finding emergency then long-term accommodation, offering small grants for food and travel and helping people start to look for work.


Thank you for helping to protect human rights and save lives

I was lost, alone and scared, but Prisoners Abroad brought a light, helping me stay connected to family, and reality. The newspapers they send help to lessen the harsh, abrasiveness that is prison in a strange land, and to remind me that there is a world beyond the walls and fences.

A prisoner in California