Richen, recently deported from the U.S after serving just over 5 years of a 6 year sentence, explains that she wasn't forgotten.


“My time, like any inmate there, was difficult; but I am extremely lucky to have had the support of Prisoners Abroad. You can't possibly imagine the emotions that run through an inmate at various, difficult times of the year; and to receive Christmas and birthday cards from people that don't know you, aren't judging you and want nothing more than to send best wishes to a stranger is priceless.

At various points during my incarceration I felt lost, lonely and sometimes forgotten. It seems your team sensed this because it was always at my lowest times that I got a surprise - a newspaper, greeting card or magazine that made me feel closer to home and lifted my spirits. I could get through another day because I knew that despite my fears, I WASN'T forgotten.

Your support is invaluable, and not just for me. You made this journey a little easier for my family and that, in turn eased my mind too. I can't possibly express my gratitude to Prisoners Abroad, I hope you can pass on to all those involved, just how happy I am to be able to say 'thank you' - your kindness, hard work and beautiful hearts will never be forgotten. Bless you all.”