Yemi is the wife of Andy Tsege.

"Andargachew “Andy” Tsege is a prodemocracy activist, who lives in London and has lived here since 1979. Andy was abducted from the Saana International Airport in the Yemen while in transit and transferred to Ethiopia. He spent four years in an Ethiopian prison. He was never charged or brought before any judicial authority but while in detention remained under sentence of death, imposed without due process and in-absentia in 2009.

The newsletter was his only link back to his family in London.

The Ethiopian regime was notoriously repressive, employed violence, intimidation, surveillance and torture of dissidents. During his imprisonment, Andy was kept in isolation and was only allowed to see his 90-year-old father and the UK ambassador every two months. He was not allowed to receive letters or news from his partner and their three children, other family members, friends or supporters. The one thing that he was allowed besides books was the Prisoners Abroad newsletter. Andy valued the newsletter from Prisoners Abroad as it helped him pass the time. It was his only link back to his family in London. The monthly money, the newsletter and the books from Prisoners Abroad were just a reminder for Andy that he was not forgotten."

Combating stigma helps reduce isolation.

Prisoners Abroad helps family members affected by a loved one’s imprisonment by providing one to one support as well as hosting family support groups around the country and arranging overseas visits.