Inside Out - April 2024

Our Chief Executive, Christopher Stacey, writes in the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Association's quarterly magazine, describing the vital humanitarian support we offer, both to those in prison abroad and their families back home, and how our partnership with the FCDO is integral to delivering our overseas work.

"Working closely with the Consular Service ensures our life-saving humanitarian support reaches those in need around the world."

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Prison Reform Trust Blog - 10th October 2023

Reacting to the announcement by Justice Secretary, Alex Chalk, that the government would look to rent foreign prison spaces to deal with capacity issues in UK prisons, deputy director of the Prison Reform Trust, Mark Day, references Prisoners Abroad's statement on the proposal in his analysis.

"The charity Prisoners Abroad has spoken out against the proposals, highlighting the levels of 'isolation and trauma' caused by 'being imprisoned so far away from home and family, not understanding the language and being excluded from opportunities to work and participate in effective rehabilitation programmes'."

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The Pensioner - Winter 2021 edition 

One our supporters, Linda, writes about why she supports our work. 

"Having visited the office on several occasions as a volunteer, I can vouch for the ethos of this charity as caring, honest and imaginative." 

Independent Monitor - November 2021

A feature piece in the Independent Monitor magazine describing our work supporting British people imprisoned overseas. 

The View Magazine - October 2021

Our Deputy Chief Executive Zeta MacDonald writes about how Prisoners Abroad works to protect the human rights of those in prison overseas, and support them on their return to the UK. 

Islington Faces Blog

Talks to Sam, and major donor fundraiser at Prisoners Abroad, as well as Yemi Haliemariam, a woman fighting for freedom and justice for her husband. Read their inspiring stories here: 

Shortlist: How to Survive in a Foreign Prison - August 2017

Top tips offered by Prisoners Abroad, on what first steps to take when you find yourself in prison abroad. 

Volunteer: A Travellers Guide to Making a Difference around the world 2017

The extract talks about visiting people in prison around the world