8th April 2024

The Secret Life of Prisons

Christopher Stacey, our Chief Executive, and former service user, Sophie (not her real name), discuss the issues and impact of overseas imprisonment and the work of Prisoners Abroad with co-hosts Phil Maguire and Paula Harriott in this episode of The Secret Life of Prisons, produced by Prison Radio Association.

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19th October 2023

Life After Prison

Katie, who we supported during a sentence in Australia, talks honestly about her experience in a maximum security prison. She references Prisoners Abroad and several other organisations who impacted her during her sentence and after her deportation. 

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14th February 2023

Evolving Prisons

Laura Bevan talks about our work and shares some stories of the people we have helped. 

"It's very clear from the stories we hear that corruption does exist, that people have to pay for everything in prison. We've heard of people in Peru having to pay somebody just to get out to the toilet, in the Philippines having to pay just to get to the hospital. This is how some of these systems are run."

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11th September 2021


Laura Bevan and Theresa Gilson discuss the challenges and successes Prisoners Abroad encounters in this episode which also features interviews with Sonia, who we helped when she was in prison in the US, and Sue, whose husband was also in prison there. 

"For authorities to take that into account that everybody is human and everybody deserves a second chance would be an absolutely life-changing thing for thousands of people around the world."

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15th July 2021

The Leaders Council 

Our CEO, Pauline Crowe, talks to the Leaders Council podcast about leadership and how Prisoners Abroad has adapted in line with the pandemic. 

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31st October 2019

Humane Justice

In this episode 'Locked up abroad', Pauline Crowe gives her experiences of three contrasting prison cultures from three very different parts of the world.

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