The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office website has information about prison systems around the world and how they can assist: 

The factsheets below provide information about some of our most commonly asked questions

Initial Arrest - things to consider

This factsheet gives an overview of issues that may need dealing with shortly after an arrest overseas.

Sending money via the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

You can send money to your British relative in prison overseas via the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. This factsheet explains how this works.

Involvement with the media

Sometimes prisoners and their families wish to publicise their case in the media to highlight mistreatment or a miscarriage of justice. This factsheet aimed at prisoners outlines some of the pros and cons of dealing with the media. More information for families can be found in our family support section.

Prisoner transfer to the UK

It might be possible for your relative to serve their sentence in the UK. Prisoners Abroad's factsheet gives a thorough overview on how the process works, how to calculate the amount of time someone will serve in the UK, and which countries have prisoner transfer agreements with the UK.

Slightly different rules apply when calculating the sentence to be served, if the prisoner applies to transfer to Scotland. Our Prisoner Transfer to Scotland factsheet should be read in conjunction with the main Prisoner transfer to the UK factsheet.

Power of attorney form

A common worry for the families of people arrested overseas is how to help manage their financial affairs. Prisoners Abroad's power of attorney form can be sent to the prisoner so they can nominate a relative or friend to take care of their affairs while they are detained. Please refer to the guidance notes for more information. 

Applying for a passport

It may be possible to apply for a passport while a prisoner is still serving their sentence. This factsheet gives a basic outline of how this can be done - although getting a passport photo taken will depend on the prison allowing someone to do this.