Here you can find a range of our helpful handbooks which will guide you through some of the challenges of being affected by overseas imprisonment. 

In Prison Abroad

Our In Prison Abroad handbook offers information on the services that we can provide when someone is detained overseas. 

Holding the Fort

Having a relative or friend in prison will present many challenges and you may need guidance and support during the time ahead. Our Holding the Fort handbook offers information and guidance on some of the issues you may face.

Your Journey - Our Women's Handbook

Our Women's Booklet is designed specifically with women in mind, and includes information about some of the acute challenges that women face in prison and when returning to the UK after prison overseas. 

In the many years that Prisoners Abroad have been supporting people in prison overseas and on return, we have seen that women experience imprisonment and resettlement in a different way and have different needs. We've now dedicated a booklet just to our women service users. 

Yoga Publication

Our Yoga publication contains a range of yoga poses which concentrate on different areas of your body. As well as helping you become more strong and flexible, yoga is a great way to help you mentally focus as well. 

Managing your Mental Health - a Guide for Families

It can take time to adjust to your situation and come to terms with the news that you have a relative in prison abroad. We want you to know that we understand how difficult coping with the news can be. We have put together this Mental Health leaflet to help you during this time.