My connection with Prisoners Abroad began several years ago when I became an office volunteer for them, after hearing about the amazing work the charity does with men and women serving prison sentences all over the world.

Prisoners Abroad understands that people from all walks of life can make mistakes, and it knows that if they are sentenced to imprisonment, they may be held in conditions which in the UK are considered inhuman and unacceptable.  An individual's mental and physical survival, and basic wellbeing during a prison sentence, can be crucial in helping that person to return to the UK and put their past behind them.

You are probably already aware of the life-saving and life-enhancing support provided by Prisoners Abroad to prisoners and to their families, through some of the worst of times, and there is one more way in which you can help.

I decided some time ago to include Prisoners Abroad in my will, to help to ensure that their magnificent work will continue well into the future. As I am sure you know, Prisoners Abroad’s work is not always met with understanding, and it gives me great comfort to think that my modest gift will provide assistance to prisoners in desperate need after I am gone.

Ours isn't a high-income household, but my daughter, who also knows and respects the work done by Prisoners Abroad, agrees about thinking of others as well as providing for those we love when making a will.  Prisoners Abroad values any legacy, small or large, as, together, they can all make a real difference.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy please get in touch with the fundraising team on [email protected]