In this ‘tale of friendship that spans continents, oceans and decades’ we can reflect on the touching account of a very unique relationship that developed against the odds.

Many people imprisoned overseas have been ostracized by their families and have no support. Prisoners Abroad works to connect these people to those who want to reach out and write to them. Carole Page was one of these people.

Carole was a new mum living in the UK and wanted to give something back. She began writing letters to inmates; she wanted to correspond with prisoners in Europe who were detached from society. Carol began writing to someone on death row called Michael Nolte.

“I thought it would be something positive to do, you’re not condoning what they’ve done, but you’re providing support to someone who has made bad choices along the way.”

Carol and Michael’s friendship developed over almost ten years of correspondence, this bond was something very special and important for them both. Being imprisoned overseas detaches you from the familiar; situations, conversations and emotions. Having someone you don’t know to invest time in communicating with you is significant, giving their thoughts as well as reading about your situation

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