Help for Prisoners and their Families

Prisoners Abroad is a welfare charity that assists British citizens imprisoned overseas, and provides information and support to their families. If you’ve found out that someone you know has been arrested abroad, you can contact us on our Freephone helpline number 0808 172 0098. Our friendly team of caseworkers will be able to offer guidance, support and a listening ear.

What does Prisoners Abroad do for prisoners?

We work with around 1,100 British prisoners overseas and our work is different in each and every case. Sometimes, it might just be helping a prisoner keep in touch with their family by using our international freepost envelopes. For others, we might send reading materials or foreign language dictionaries to help reduce isolation. A list of our services for prisoners is below:

  International freepost envelopes 

  Grants for medical treatment

  Survival grants and vitamins (in developing countries only)

  Books, magazines, newspapers, language learning materials


  Translation service

  Information and guidance about key issues facing British people detained overseas 

And how can Prisoners Abroad help families?

Having a relative in prison overseas can often feel like you’re serving a sentence yourself. It can be a difficult subject to discuss with friends and family and can put a strain on the family’s finances and general well-being.

Find out more about how we can help you on our Family Support and Events page. Or if you just need a chat, call our caseworkers on 0808 172 0098. We’re here to listen and we never judge.