After Release

Information: Post release information for family members. What happens after prison?Read more

Preparing for release

Information: Is your relative or friend approaching release?Read more

Visiting a Prison Abroad

Information: Are you planning a prison visit?Read more

Family Linking

... can help to put you in contact with another family member to receive mutual support and guidance.Read more

Involvement with the media

Information: Have you been contacted by the media? Do you want to contact the media?Read more

What about the children?

Information: Are you thinking about the effects of the imprisonment on your children?Read more

Family Support Groups

... are two hour meetings run by a trained local Prisoners Abroad volunteer in London, Manchester, York, Birmingham and Bath.Read more

Family Information Days

...are all day meetings attended by Prisoners Abroad staff held annually or biannually in London, Manchester, York, Peterborough, Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow. Each family day has an external speaker or is focussed on a specific theme.Read more

Online Family Network

... can put you in contact with others through an online support network. You will need a user name and password to be on this network.Read more