We realise that coming back to the UK after serving a prison sentence abroad can be a confusing, frustrating and even traumatic experience. Things take time to get in place and you may find yourself lost at times, trying to understand the benefit and housing systems. We know that we cannot address everything in our handbook, so with this pack we hope to concentrate on specific areas, including housing, welfare benefits, getting employment and coping emotionally with your return. 

Download: Welcome Back: An Introduction to your Resettlement 

Our induction pack includes a variety of booklets to help you with the initial stages of resettlement in the UK after prison overseas. 

Guide to Housing

On release, one of your main concerns maybe finding somewhere to live. Wherever you are in the UK, Prisoners Abroad will try and give you as much help as possible finding a place to live. 

Download: Guide to Housing

Guide to Benefits

This is a basic guide to benefit entitlements; please ensure that you discuss with your Resettlement Officer before you make a claim for benefits. 

Download: Guide to Benefits

Finding Work

We have a Work Preparation Programme (WPP) to help people strengthen their employment prospects. 

Download: Finding Work

Emotional Impact of Change

Returning to the UK after finishing a prison sentence not only presents you with lots of practical issues, but also you will be dealing with how you feel about wat has just happened to you and coming to terms with a big change in your life. You are likely to feel a mix of emotions about what the future looks like. 

Download: Emotional Impact of Change

What Happens Next - Your Resettlement 

We know that everything can be a blur when you first arrive and you may not have had a chance to ask all the questions you would like. In order to help you think about the next few weeks and months, we thought it would be useful to set down the basic resettlement process and what support we can give you through this. 

Download: What Happens Next - Your Resettlement