Our Christmas Card Scheme is now open for 2020! If you would like to provide great comfort to British prisoners around the world make sure to read the details on this page. You can make even more of an impact by sharing the word, why not download the PDF with full details of this year’s Scheme and pass it on to friends, family or even colleagues?

For British prisoners overseas this will be a particularly difficult year. We are currently working with 916 Britons who are facing Christmas alone in prison overseas, hundreds of miles away from their loved ones.

Prisoners Abroad’s Christmas Card Scheme helps reduce the isolation felt by British prisoners around the world at this particularly lonely time. With many prisons unable to facilitate Christmas visits, this year’s Christmas Card Scheme could be one of our most important ever.

Last year the response was extraordinary; we received thousands of cards from our supporters, totalling 3,146, which meant the people we are supporting received more cards than ever before. Every prisoner we were helping received one, with the most vulnerable receiving two or three. With your help, we want to make the same impact this year.

If you would like to take part this year here are some steps to follow

  • Please affix the appropriate postage to the envelope; any we receive without postage cannot be sent. If you are unsure of the weight of your cards, please do ask at the Post Office. Here is a table of 2020 prices:

  • All cards should reach us by 10th November to allow time for them to be sorted and addressed before the last international posting dates. We want the cards to reach the people we are supporting in time for Christmas!
  • We kindly request a minimum of four cards, and that however many you send half of them for Europe and half for the countries of the rest of the world. This way we can share the Christmas cards out to everyone, wherever they are.
  • Make sure the envelopes are unsealed so that the recipient’s name can be added to the card by the Prisoners Abroad team.
  • Please ensure envelopes are not black or dark in colour, and that they are large enough for an address label (approximately 4cm high and 6.5cm wide).
  • Please enclose a slip of paper with your name and address so that we know who to thank! This will not be sent with the cards.
  • Please don’t send cards with glitter or lots of extras, like ribbons and little balls. Many prisons are notoriously strict on what they allow inside the gates.
  • Sign your cards with first names only and after your name/names please add “… a supporter/supporters of Prisoners Abroad.” We ask for cards to be written and signed by adults only. Please also write only a brief personal greeting. One good example could be:

Thinking of you at this difficult time of year.
My/our hopes are with you for the future.
My/our very best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

… but feel free to write something of your own if you like!

Please send your cards to:

PO Box 76892
N11 9ES

I would like to thank the people who have taken the time to send me Christmas greetings cards. It means a great deal, as you are probably aware. It brightens up the darkest period of incarceration, when it is made only too clear how we have the misfortune to be away from our loved ones. Thank you once again.

- A prisoner in Spain