Christmas and winter can be a very difficult and lonely time for many people.  It is especially lonely for around 1,100 Britons who face Christmas in prison abroad each year, miles from their family and friends. You can help alleviate this loneliness by sending a Christmas card to someone imprisoned overseas.

The Christmas card scheme was extremely successful last year – we received over 2,000 cards, which meant we could send one to all the people we support, with more to those who are very isolated. To those who participated, a warm thank you for your help and support – we will soon need your help again.

Information about how you can get involved in the Christmas card scheme in 2019 will be available in September. f you'd like to be on our annual Christmas Card Scheme mailing list, please send your full name and email address to [email protected]

I’ll never forget opening my first Christmas card from Prisoners Abroad and the effect it had on me – a small token of friendship and a reminder that people cared for me truly touched my heart.