We work with prisoners in over 100 countries and their families and sometimes need help to translate written documents, such as correspondence with a local lawyer or prison authorities, or information for a parole application. We do not, however, ask volunteers to work on documents which form part of the legal process.

At the moment we are lucky enough not to need any more translators who can work from / into French or Spanish.

However, we are short of volunteers who can help in particular with translating to/from Arabic, Czech, Farsi, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Kurdish, Mandarin, Romanian, Thai (Royal or standard) or Turkish. Other languages are often needed too.

If you are a qualified professional translator and would like to apply to join our pool of remote volunteer translators for occasional help, please contact the Prisoner & Family Support Team with questions or complete our translator registration form. The form includes requests for proof of qualification, a signed confidentiality agreement and the names of two referees, because of the sensitivity of our work and the issues we are dealing with.

Please return completed forms to [email protected] and we should be in touch in five working days. Thank you for your interest in participating.