Prisoners Abroad is a charity I talk to people about, because I believe more people like me should support them. I've been supporting them for over ten years. 

Prisoners Abroad are so crystal clear in what they do. They're simply humanitarian and non-judgemental - it's about helping people. Anyone could make a mistake; it could be a big mistake, or a small mistake that has really big consequences. Either way, that one action doesn't define you as a person. 

I believe that imprisoned people - and their families - deserve our support. It must be incredible for Prisoners Abroad to appear when you most need help saying 'we're here for you'.

When I give to Prisoners Abroad I feel like I am making a difference. I know that my gifts are used well, that they reach people who need my help. My belief in them has prompted me to leave a gift in my Will too, because I know that people will still need support far into the future. They'll need yours too.