This month we looked at our multimedia content and where our work has been recognised with awards.

Film Reviews

Have you seen Midnight Express, Hunger or Bridget Jones? Catch up with what Laura and Amber from Prisoners Abroad think of them. 

Radio 4 Appeal

We were thrilled to have the esteemed actor Simon Callow make an appeal for us on Radio 4. He talks about the harsh conditions that prisoners face in Thailand, and shares the story of Jon, who bravely survived his sentence and is now back in the UK rebuilding his life. The money raised from the appeal will support people affected by overseas imprisonment; in prison, on return to the UK, and family members.

Awards and Commendations

2017 - Prisoners Abroad came second in the London Homelessness Awards (LHA), winning a financial prize of £20,000.

2016 - Charity Staff and Volunteer Awards – Adrian Bailey shortlisted

2012 - Shortlisted for the Charity Times Award: Charity of the Year £1m – £10m, and Charity Principal of the Year.

2010 - Prisoners Abroad wins the Guardian Public Service Awards – Carers, Families & Communities

2009 - This year Prisoners Abroad were shortlisted for the Prisoner Action Net Awards.

2008 - Prisoners Abroad were shortlisted for the Justice Awards and the Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards.

2007 - Prisoners Abroad wins the Longford Prize. The judges praised our “determination, humanity and courage in the face of public indifference and hostility”.

2006 - Prisoners Abroad received a commendation from the Metropolitan Police for “diligence and commitment to the resettlement and successful integration of offenders, and enhancing public safety throughout London and beyond”. This is recognition of the often unsung work we do with those coming out of prison, to help keep Londoners safe.

Have a look through our full history and timeline for more. 

London Homelessness Awards

We were thrilled that the quality of our Resettlement Service was recognised with the award of a prize of £20,000 in the London Homelessness Awards in 2017. The money has helped support those who would have been facing homelessness and destitution without our service. We used the recognition to highlight the work that we do in the UK, as well as overseas. Three of our service users were involved in the application process as well as being a part of the film that was made to promote the awards.

Karen gave a speech when accepting the award and an inspiring short film featuring Desmond was played on the day.