All year round we recognise the importance of donors, who support our work with such dedication, and funders who are absolutely essential to ensuring we can provide the service we do to prisoners and their families 365 days a year. In our 40th anniversary year we chose October as the month to shout about how fantastic you are, and how we simply couldn't do the work we do without you. We are extremely grateful to each and every person who has ever given either a donation or their time to help us protect the human rights of British people detained overseas, support their families through the distress and help resettle people back in the UK after their sentence. 

A huge thank you to everyone who supports us, you are the people who make our work possible. 

We are starting off by hearing from our first ever donor, Bruce Kent, when the charity was called the National Council for the Welfare of Prisoners Abroad.

Our First Donor 

Bruce Kent on why he supported us in 1978. "This wonderful 'seed' organisation needs to grow, and I need to help them become 'an oak'."

Our Donors

Neil Osborn is a donor who started supporting Prisoners Abroad in 2010.  He explains why he gives:

“It is the case that the beneficiaries of Prisoners Abroad have fallen to the very bottom of the heap.

But no man or woman, whatever the circumstances for their imprisonment, should be subjected to the disgraceful conditions that prevail in many prisons around the world.  You’ve seen those conditions in the movies – and I saw them close up when a friend was sentenced to 100 years for a non-violent offence in an Asian country.

My friend, and thousands of UK citizens like him, can now do nothing to help themselves, so I believe we should give them a hand.  If we do, we give them the chance to become productive members of society in the UK again – and that is what’s called, in my world, a very good return on investment.

Read first-hand accounts from our inspirational donors and supporters to hear more about why people are so passionate at protecting the human rights of people affected by overseas imprisonment. 


A range of trusts and foundations support our work financially, protecting the welfare and human rights of people in prison overseas and on their return to the UK. 

We were supported by City Bridge Trust, the funding arm of The City of London Corporation’s charity, Bridge House Estates (1035628) for a number of years, and their contribution has made a significant difference to the work we do supporting people on return to the UK.

Prisoners Abroad is supporting some of the capital’s most vulnerable people who would otherwise fall through the net, having nowhere to live or family and friends to support them.  Prisoners Abroad’s clients have varied and complex needs; without Prisoners Abroad’s support they would be forced to live on the street and would be vulnerable to turning to crime in order to survive.

The Evan Cornish Foundation has been supporting us since 2014, supporting our overseas work and more recently they have been supporting our work in South East Asia. They are supporting our Medical Fund as well as other main grants. 

We are very happy to support Prisoners Abroad as we think you do a fantastic job and are a lifeline to so many people when there is noone else there to help them. The advice for travellers on your website is extremely useful too. We share your vision to uphold prisoners' human rights wherever they may be. 

Corporate Partners 

Not only do our partners inspire those that work for them to fundraise for us, but they do so much more in helping us reach our goals each year. Have a look at our corporates page to see why they support our work. 

Significant Contributors

Thank you to the generous people – including those wishing to remain anonymous - who have each made a significant contribution to help save and improve lives.

Read our latest annual review to see how we spend the money you give to us, and hear from the people that you support.