The Timeline for our Resettlement Service

Take a look at the timeline that highlights our Resettlement Service since it started in 1997. 

Work with our partners

Our work with partners of ours is essential in ensuring we can support people in the best ways we can on return to the UK; reintegrating them back in society by helping them find accommodation, get access to healthcare and thinking about how to start moving forward with their lives. 

Some of our partners have told us how important our service is to them as well.

Heathrow Travel Care

Heathrow Travel Care and Prisoners Abroad have held a successful working relationship for many years. We see first- hand the huge positive impact Prisoners Abroad makes to 1000’s of lives year after year. Not only have they provided a vital lifeline and means of support to British Nationals in prison abroad, but also to family members back in the UK who also experience challenging times when their loved ones are in Prison. We will always be huge supporters of Prisoners Abroad, not just because our work together, but because we are grateful that there is an organisation out there providing hope to those who would otherwise feel helpless and alone.       


Prisoners Abroad have given ex-offenders deported back to UK the best start of life after serving custodial sentences abroad. Especially resettling in UK after many years of absence. Therefore, Prisoners Abroad wear many hats, they act as confidants, reliable support network that links ex-offenders to other services and help integrate them into the British way of life. Most importantly, Prisoners Abroad is a place of refuge to returning UK citizens.

Midos Management

Working alongside Prisoners Abroad is a truly eye opening experience. The team at Prisoners Abroad are amiable and professional. They support their clients from beginning to end, providing hope and a constant lifeline. We feel so privileged to aid in finding homes for people wishing to rebuild their lives and flourish in society. The team at Midos Management look forward to continuing our partnership with Prisoners Abroad.

Camden Health Improvement Practice

Prisoners Abroad encourage new clients to register with us on arrival in the UK in order to access medical care. We often see people who are very disorientated and under extreme stress with a variety of complex medical conditions. Our clinicians are always impressed with the range of support that PA are coordinating for people and our patients speak very warmly of your service. As one patient told a GP last week 'without prisoners abroad I would still be at the airport. - Dr Freeman

Trends and Statistics

There is a high portion of Australians returning to the UK and more than 50% have not lived in the UK for over 20 years.  Over 50% come back with some form of physical or mental health issue, and it becomes more challenging to manage all needs within a small resettlement service. 

With a high number of people returning to the UK after serving a prison sentence, there are increasing burdens placed on systems which are already under pressure such as local authority housing provisions.

*Watch this space* for accounts from our resettlement service users talking about how technology has changed over the years.