This selection of external research explores the wider impact of our services. 

Prisons Research Group, July 2022

'The Resettlement Experiences of People Supported by the Charity Prisoners Abroad'

With the kind support of Comic Relief, we commissioned a piece of research from the Prisons Research Group at Middlesex University on the experiences of people supported by our resettlement service. The research study and final report was produced by Dr Matt Cracknell and Dr Jenni Ward. 

Between September 2021 and June 2022, researchers conducted a small-scale study of our resettlement service. This included interviews with service users, staff and partners to examine the deportation experience, investigate the practical challenges faced during the resettlement period and gain an understanding of how people cope, psychologically and emotionally, with the resettlement and reintegration process.

The research highlights the role that Prisoners Abroad plays in helping people to avoid homelessness and strengthening their pathway to positive reintegration into society following a period of overseas imprisonment. It explore the barriers people face on return, the importance of housing, and what could be learned by the wider criminal justice sector by Prisoners Abroad’s approach. 

The research was disseminated at a webinar held in July 2022 attended by guests from across the criminal justice and charity sectors.