Prisoners Abroad has launched the first edition of The Cheal report – understanding prisoners abroad.

This is the first publication of its kind from Prisoners Abroad, highlighting data relating to prisoner physical and mental health, substance misuse, offence trends and numbers supported globally. This is part of the strategic objective to ensure all British citizens in prison overseas are aware of what support they can access, and what more can be done to understand the total number and location of British citizens in prison overseas.

The publication has been named after one of our founders, Chris Cheal, who himself was in prison in the 1970s and fought particularly hard on a Bill for Parliament that led to the Council of Europe Convention on the Transfer of Sentences. The tremendous impact of Chris’ work is still being felt today and, over 45 years later, we hope he would be proud of what Prisoners Abroad has become.

Read the Cheal report

If you have any questions about the work highlighted in the report, or if you would be interested in sponsoring next year's edition, please get in touch with Christopher Stacey, Chief Executive, at