Resettling in the UK after being in prison abroad is likely to be challenging for both you and the returning prisoner.

It may take time to get used to having the returning prisoner back home and they will also need to adapt to life outside prison.

 Here are some things that you may need to consider:

  • Finance: there may have been some changes to welfare benefits since going into prison or there may be financial problems to deal with
  • Accommodation: the returning prisoner may have lost their housing since going into prison and may need to find somewhere to live
  • Physical and mental health: sometimes the imprisonment will have caused health issues that will need to be dealt with
  • Employment and training: some people may not have been employed for a while and may need help with getting back into work

 If post-release support or guidance is needed:  

  • Encourage the ex-prisoner to call our helpline so that they can talk to one of our resettlement workers
  • Log on to the online family network to be in contact with other family members in the ‘After Release’ forum

Resettlement Support

We offer support and guidance to people resettling in the UK after serving a prison sentence abroad.  We can assist with writing support letters and finding other services that may be able to help

We offer the following type of support

  • Advice on welfare benefits
  • Housing advice and referrals to other agencies
  • Information about specialist agencies offering help with health problems
  • Referral to employment and training advisors
  • The opportunity to talk through experiences, concerns or worries

 Views from two ex-prisoners:

‘Take baby steps. Slow down. Take one thing at a time…and don’t be embarrassed to admit that you need help.’

 ‘I heard so many people say 'it's over now' when I first got home but it doesn't feel over….I also feel uncomfortable when first telling people (doctors, dentist, social services etc) about where I've been for the last few years. I'm hoping that feeling will lessen with time.’

You can find more information about the help our resettlement team can offer on the resettlement pages of our website. 

Feedback to the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

If you wish to give feedback to the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office about their assistance during imprisonment, see here