Sometimes people prefer to contact other family members through our online family network. Users remain anonymous so that you can raise questions or give advice in full confidence. 

The Network is a private, members-only social network for those who have a relative or friend in a prison abroad. 

It is an opportunity for people affected by overseas imprisonment to meet and engage online, to discuss and share their knowledge and experience with each other, creating an online community of mutual respect and support.

The online network will enable you to contact other family members or friends.

Need a username and password?  You will need to give us the name of your relative or friend in prison abroad, their country of imprisonment, your name and e mail address. Email us at [email protected] and we will send you log-in details.

Already have your log-in details? Click on the family network link below. 

When you log in you will see a list of forums on the left-hand side as well as a list of different topics that have been created by other people on the network.  You can join an existing topic by responding to comments that have already been posted, or you can create a new topic in one of the forums.

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