We prevent deprivation among Britons returning from detention abroad and help them to build a new life free from crime.

Resettlement numbers continue to increase significantly. 160 new returnees used the Resettlement Service in FY 2016 an increase of 19% on the previous year. New returnees from Australia continue to increase significantly, making up 20% of all new Resettlement clients last year. Recent changes to legislation in Australia mean that we have seen a huge increase in British prisoners being deported, some of whom have been resident there for several decades, leaving behind their homes, lives and family.

“The feeling of knowing you are not alone when you return is immeasurable. The support I received helped me in real terms to get myself together again. I wouldn't like to think where I would be if Prisoners Abroad wasn't there for me.”

- An ex-prisoner from Peru

Number of new Resettlement clients per year Number of new Resettlement clients from Australia per year


Time spent out of the UK

As mentioned above, many ex-prisoners deported to the UK will have been resident in the country of imprisonment. On release fro prison they will be returning to a country they hardly know, with no support network, family, or resources to help them start their new life.

Of the 160 new returnees last year, 102 told us the date when they last lived in the UK. The pie chart below shows the responses. In FY 2016, the percentage of new returnees who had lived outside the UK for ten years or longer was 64%.

New RS returnees by time spent out of the UK

Resettlement grants

During the past year we paid out a total of £181,927 in grants, an increase of more than £20,000 on the previous year. The chart below shows the breakdown of how the Resettlement grants were spent.

86 ex-prisoners were placed in emergency accommodation to prevent them from being homeless on their return.

42 ex-prisoners were assisted with grants for housing deposits to find a long-term home.

162 ex-prisoners were provided with a grant so they could buy food

130 ex-prisoners were given a travel grant so they could get around London to attend appointments

33 ex-prisoners were provided with a grant for a new passport in order to sign on for benefits and obtain accommodation.

“I could never have made it without this type of support. Literally the difference between being completely homeless and wonderful living conditions.”

- An ex-prisoner from the USA

“I cannot imagine how hard it would have been, without their support & help, with all of the items they were able to give me. You just have to have those kinds of things to live a normal life... I felt more human. Those are the only words I can find to describe the true difference it made to my life.”

- An ex-prisoner from the USA

“Without this I would have been literally on the street and destitute.”

- An ex-prisoner from Turkey


Work Preparation Programme

A total of 54 people attended the Work Preparation Programme in FY 2016.

Of the people who attended the WPP course:

  • 74% said that they felt more positive about looking for work.
  • 78% said that they felt more positive about applying for jobs.
  • 65% said that they felt more confident writing about themselves in job applications.
  • 71% said that they felt more confident talking about themselves at job interviews.

“The confidence I gained from being challenged by Adrian has enabled me to complete my CSCS training, an asbestos awareness course and a demolition course. I feel better about myself and present myself accordingly. I feel more confident.”

- An ex-prisoner from Canada


Resettlement Support Group

In FY 2016, 55 clients attended the Resettlement support group. The following feedback is taken from 87 evaluation questionnaires over the course of FY 2016-17.

“It helped me realise that there are a lot more people in my situation than I thought and there are people willing to help me if I help myself.”

- An ex-prisoner from Australia