Obtaining housing can often be the biggest issue anyone faces when returning to the UK. Rents are high, especially in the big cities like London and the welfare system will not usually pay the full amount that landlords want in rent. This has a major impact on what housing will be available to you when you arrive back. 

Whilst Prisoners Abroad does not have its own housing, or special referral rights to hostels or other types of accommodation, we can:

  • Make referrals to housing providers or other agencies that can assist in finding you accommodation on your return.
  • Complete supporting letters to local councils on your behalf.
  • Look for other agencies in your area that can advise about housing if you are returning to another part of the country.

We have also produced two information booklets: Finding Accommodation and Sustaining Your Home. They include information on the UK Private Rented Sector; a realistic picture of local authority / council housing and tips on securing and maintaining your tenancy.

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