The overarching aim of the Work Preparation Programme is for individuals to gain an understanding of the UK job market and to identify how their skills, qualifications and employment history can be transferable. The programme supports people through what can be a difficult transition period. 

  • Identify personal skills and qualities – such as communication, creativity, writing and any other transferable skills or experience that would be attractive to a potential employer.
  • Build motivation and confidence – many people come back with a great deal of anxiety, especially if they have been incarcerated for many years, and are not familiar with the modern world. It’s important to help build confidence so they feel ready to engage in the process of employment, and to step out into the world and interact confidently.
  • Write CVs, cover and disclosure letters.
  • Prepare for interviews.

Our Finding Work booklet provides a brief overview of the programme as well as some useful advice for applying for jobs.

"It has helped me to build my confidence and give me the skills required to represent my self at an interview and at work." 

- Graduate of the Programme

The Work Preparation Programme includes closed group work, 1:1 sessions and telephone advice.