Prisoners Abroad understands that coming back to the UK after serving a prison sentence abroad can be a confusing, frustrating and even traumatic experience. It will take time to adjust to your new surroundings and you may find yourself lost at times, trying to understand the benefit and housing systems.

Prisoners Abroad is here to support you throughout this transitional period and coupled with the support that we provide in person, on the telephone and via email, we have also created an internet forum.

The Prisoners Abroad Resettlement Forum is a private, members-only social network to help people who have been held in prison overseas who are now back in the UK and are in receipt of Prisoners Abroad’s support. The forum’s purpose is to encourage people with similar experiences to meet and engage online, to discuss and share their knowledge and issues with each other, creating an online community of mutual respect and support.

Please talk to your Resettlement officer with regards to login details.

Prisoners Abroad is Big Lottery Funded