The transition between prison and returning to the community can be difficult to navigate. Things may move slowly and it may not be anything like you expected. The Resettlement team can guide you through these different stages and you can contact us using the freephone number 0808 172 0098 to speak with a member of the Resettlement team.

To help you think about the next few weeks and months, we have also produced a guide called Resettlement What Happens Next. The timescales mentioned in this are a rough guide; in fact, remember that things will move at a different pace for everyone and it is not worth comparing your situation to others you will meet.   Everyone has their own concerns and issues which means that they will need different types of support and help.

It was very hard - that almost sounds trite and a little whiney - but I was so lonely and scared. But each day I decided that I could do this; I had strong support from Prisoners Abroad. They have guided and continue to guide me in the right direction  

Ex-prisoners USA

Please take time to read through some of our information sheets below which cover other issues or challenges you may encounter during the process of preparing for, and after release. 

Welcome home?

Life in the UK

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