Preparing for release

You need to be a registered client before we can provide Resettlement assistance, so it is essential that you complete an authorisation form whilst in prison and we can start to prepare you for your return to the UK. Read more

Step by Step

Resettlement can be an overwhelming experience; and things will move at a different pace for everyone. Returning to the UK after serving a prison sentence abroad can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Read more

Advice on Welfare Benefits

The benefit system can be confusing and complicated, especially if you have not had previous experience of claiming benefits. The Resettlement Team can help by explaining the system to you and what benefit will be most appropriate for you to claim. Read more

Accommodation Advice

Finding somewhere to live is likely to be a main concern. Prisoners Abroad can guide you through these challenges upon your return. Read more

The Emotional Impact

Returning to the UK after finishing a prison sentence not only presents practical issues, but can also cause anxiety about how you will cope and come to terms with rebuilding your life in the UK. Read more

Applying for work with a criminal record

It’s important that you find out what’s contained on your criminal record, to enable you to disclose the correct information when asked. Read more

Online Resettlement Network

The Online Resettlement Network is a platform that allows you to chat online with others who have been imprisoned abroad and returned to the UK. Read more

Work Preparation Programme

Helping returning prisoners to find work and improve their work-related skills. Read more